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Check out the Sonic Quake in action HERE
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Check out the Sonic Pod in action HERE




The Sonic Quake and Sonic Pod portable vibration speakers take music from your device and turn it into vibration sequences. They send those vibrations through the pods which sticks to ANY OBJECT. Simply press play on your device and the Sonic Quake or Sonic Pod will turn that object into a speaker.


Now you and others can finally hear movies, youtube videos, and music on your laptop, mp3, Ipod, cell phone, portable dvd player, most tvs, and any other item with a headphone jack (nearly any audio/video device).


Great for backpackers, campers, hikers, canoers, and kayakers for its portability. Gamers also love it for the awesome sound from their portable gaming systems. Whether listening to music, audio books or more, around the house, the beach or the backyard, our speakers are the answer for great sound.


Here are some favorite things to stick the Sonic Quake to: foam cooler, pizza box, cardboard box, shower door, bathtub, hollow doors, kitchen cabinets, pictures, windows, porta johns, signs, car dash, motorcycle helmet, saddlebags, foamboard, campers, trailers, and millions of other items.


Great for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Fathers day, Mothers Day, Graduation, Christmas, or for Yourself !!!